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-18% Elitech STC-1000Pro Cooling and Heating Digital Thermostat Aquarium Greenhouse Temperature Controller


Elitech STC-1000 Pro is a plug-and-play, safe and reliable smart digital temperature controller. It features with two pre-wired heating and cooling outlets that can easily connect with refrigeration and heating equipment to realizing ideal temperature controls automatically.

It’s equipped with three-button design and high definition LCD display that enabling personalized settings, clear visual effect on settings and temperatures viewings, and support Centigrade/ Fahrenheit display options.

Meanwhile, it equipped with UK/EU/US standards power plugs and outlets that can fulfill different requirements.

ue to all these features, it can be used on various scenarios and electric appliances that need automatic temperature controlling such as home brew, aquarium, incubation, pet breeding, seedling heat mats, culture fermentation, etc.





1. No wiring, No hassle. Just plug and play. V0 Level Fireproof, Safety Socket Covers, Pluggable Sensor.

2. Choose to control one heating and one cooling device simultaneously or separately. Heating & Cooling options:The two pre-wired heating and cooling outlets allow you to control one single heating device, or one single cooling device, or both simultaneously.

3. Realize ideal temperature controls and multiple out-of-limit alarms. Keep ideal temperature ranges for you all the time; provide audible, visual and LED alarm if the temperature goes out of high/low limits or probe is faulty.

4. The fireproof ABS case, the large LCD screen display and the three-button design make it safer to use and easier to read and program.

5. Support the settings including ℃/℉, temperature calibration, compressor start delay, etc. Support ℃/℉ switching, temperature calibration settings, compressor start delay to protect the device from damage due to frequent start and stop.

6. Widely used on various scenarios such as home brew, aquarium, incubation, pet breeding, seedling heat mats, culture fermentation, etc.

7. Two meters sensor cable, 1.5 meters power cord.


Regarding the Controller Plugs:

We will send different plugs according to the delivery Countries. UK plugs to UK addresses, and Euro plugs to European and other countries.


Safe and Reliable


1. Electrical safety covers prevent children from accidentally touching

2. Euqippied with V0 level fireproof ABS case


Easy to Set


Multiple Applications:


Resolution 0.1°C/0.1°F
Sensor Type NTC Temperature Sensor(10KQ/ 25 °C, B value=3435K
Temperature Measuring Range -45°C- 115°C/-49℉-239℉
Temperature Accuracy ±1°C/±2℉
Ambient Temperature -10°C~65°C
Power Supply 100~250VAC, 50/60HZ
Dimensions 6.5*2.36*1.26 in.
Sapphire 21/02/2020

I thought this digital thermostat would be useful for our conservatory with the cold nights as it has no radiator and it is. We've only been using it for a few days, but it's working well so far. We have a portable radiator plugged in to it.

Although the instructions and examples flummoxed me a little bit at first, even though they were clear, I soon got the hang of the variance settings and now it's easy to control.
I'm also planning in using this temperature controller in the caravan come spring with a portable radiator as the heating in there isn't on a thermostat.

Very useful so far.

Mr. S. K. HURLEY 20/02/2020

Okay. So, the set-up and instructions are unnecessarily fiddly. However, this temperature controller works well. I was particularly glad not to have to wire anything in. My wine fridge is doing well thanks to this cooling and heating digital thermostat.

Warren 05/04/2019

This is a very well made unit and great value for money.

Graham 14/02/2019

Am using this to control a 2KW greenhouse heater and separate fan and it works extremely well. Nice and easy to set up and is very accurate, heating and cooling come on at the exact temperatures set.

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Elitech STC-1000Pro Cooling and Heating Digital Thermostat Aquarium Greenhouse Temperature Controller

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