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-8% Elitech RC-51 Waterproof USB Temperature Data Logger Recorder Tester Points Pen Style 32000 Record Points

Elitech RC-51 Waterproof USB Temperature Data logger is ideal for pharmaceuticals, medical cabinets, fresh food cabinets, laboratories, etc. You can use it to monitor and record temperature in cold chain management that require quick response data logger.

All Elitech Waterproof USB Temperature Data loggers are durable and strong due to their transparent waterproof and crash proof PC casing. Every part is subjected to strict quality inspection as per the FDA & CE standards.

Every Elitech Waterproof USB Temperature Data logger has: multifunction LCD display, large memory capacity, 2 year battery life, LED and ability to auto generate data reports. This makes the RC-51 data logger a convenient and efficient equipment to monitor temperature of sensitive goods.

The pen-style design, multiple temperature zone statistics and multiple options of time zones; makes it adaptable and versatile equipment in all industries.  A compact design, multiple times of start and stop and one button operation makes it easy to use.

This Elitech data logger features a replaceable battery, unique MKT algorithm, IP67 high protection grade and one button operation.



Multi-use Data Logger: Adopts a temperature sensor with high accuracy and records up to 32,000 temperature points.

Plug and Read: No cable or reader required, the USB connector enables quick connection to PCs to download data.

Wide Temperature Range: temperature measuring range: -22℉~158℉; accuracy reaches to ±0.9 ℉.

Powerful LCD Indication: Provides all key information for recordings incl. alarm status, temperatures statistics (in ℃/℉) and etc.

2 Year Battery Life: Powered by ER2450 lithium battery that comes along for free and the battery could last up to 2 years*.

Generate PDF report automatically without operating any software

Display Type: multifunction LCD,status indicator

High protection grade: IP67, a wide range of applications

High accuracy sensor with long-term stability property

Multi-use, USB port, plug and play easily.

Large Record Capacity: 32,000 points, support data cycle and cover

MAC/WIN supported free software with adjustable log interval 10s-24h

High/low-temperature alarm setting/multiple alarm setting


Single alarm: When the measured temperature data exceeds a certain threshold and alarm delay does not elapse, the alarm event will not be triggered and the duration will be reset. When the duration is longer than alarm delay, the alarm event is triggered.

Cumulative alarm: When the measured temperature data exceeds a certain threshold and alarm delay does not elapse, the alarm event will not be triggered and the duration will be saved. If such an event occurs again, the duration will accumulate. When the accumulative duration is longer than alarm delay, the alarm event is triggered.

Package: 1* Elitech RC-51 Recorder, 1* Use Manual

Report Type PDF Format DOC
Resolution 0.1℃
Sensor Type Built-in NTC Thermistor
Temperature Measuring Range -30℃~70℃
Alarm Type: continuous, cumulative; Setting: no alarm, upper/lower limit alarm, multiple alarms
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5℃ (-20℃~40℃); Others, ±1℃
Communication Interface USB
Record Capacity 32000 points (MAX)
Power Supply Lithium battery 3.6V (replaceable)
Battery Life At least 12 months at 25℃ with 15 min record interval
Dimensions 131mm*24mm
Record Interval 10 sec ~ 24 hours continuously
Davide 27/03/2020

I've been using Elitech products for 3 years now and for 2 years this in particular. What to say, even if treated in malomodo, the apparatus turns out to be vermente well made and of excellent factity. Please note that I use it at an altitude of up to 3000 m under a layer of stones to measure soil temperature. The luminaires passed unscathed 2 winters and related spring/summer snow melting. The transparent shell is therefore very waterproof. They mount 3.6v batteries, which I precautionally change every year, but as I find them charged, they could do at least 2 (with acquisitions every 30 min). One of the interesting data of the tool is definitely memory. With 32,000 data captured, in my case with acquisitions every 30 min, it could record for over a year and a half. For the software part, you need to download a small program on your PC, with which you can control the many variables that the tool offers, from the number of acquisitions, to the scheduled starts to the how to start recordings and much more. The acquired data can then be downloaded in various formats such as excel and pdf. Some imperfection in the translation from Chinese to Italian of some software functions, but nothing transcendental. Truly top product.

SEA2605 27/03/2020

Has always returned correct values so far and is in the same sensitivity range as my wired sensors. Kanns actually only highly recommend

Paola Bravo 30/08/2018

Buen día, los saludo desde Colombia, tengo unos data logger Elitech RC-51, ahora uno de ellos me registra en la pantalla 5n, necesito que me colaboren que significa este codigo y como lo puedo corregir.


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Temperature sensitive products such as foods, pharmaceuticals, and some chemicals are often monitored during shipment and logistics operations. Exposure to temperatures outside of an acceptable range, for a critical time period, can degrade the product or shorten shelf life.












Climate-controlled food processing or woodworking facilities require specific temperature and humidity conditions for inventory. A data logger helps recognize trends in environmental conditions, helping to troubleshooting HVAC problems before they get worse.











When specific laboratory or room climates are required, this data logger can reliably track humidity and temperature measurements at a variety of data sampling rates. The convenient design allows you to upload raw data, graph it, and share reports quickly.










Meteorological Research

Measure, store, graph and compare meteorological data using a high-quality data logger that captures temperature and humidity. Track trends and changes in the weather using the detailed-oriented software program.

Elitech RC-51 Waterproof USB Temperature Data Logger Recorder Tester Points Pen Style 32000 Record Points

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