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Elitech RC-5 Temperature Data Logger Multiple Use USB Temp Recorder 32000 Points High Accuracy

Elitech RC-5 USB temperature data features a plug-and-play USB port interface. It allows for faster access to data collected in any cold chain management process. This could be in pharmaceuticals, food, life science, cooler boxes, medical cabinets, fresh food cabinets, freezer or laboratories.

To achieve faster data analysis on any Elitech USB data logger, you can export data in PDF/Excel via data management software. Alternatively, you can use the multi-function LCD.

For convenience and reliability, Elitech USB temperature data logger features a replaceable battery, optional mounting bracket, double button operation and double bracket.

Its robust and compact design satisfies the dynamic demands in any sensitive storage and transportation system. It records real time temperature that is stored in non-volatile memory for access via the USB port. It has 0.1°C resolution and ±0.5°C accuracy.

Certifications: CE , Calibration , Transportation


1. Wide measuring range,high accuracy and large permanent data memory.

2. Data management software included for working with PC easily

3. Data can be downloaded,analyzed,exported and printed conveniently

4. Over Temperature Alarm & Upper/Lower Limits can be set

5. MAX/MIN values available

6. Large permanent data memory of 32000 points

7. Data could be queried, saved, printed and exported in Word/Excel/TXT /PDF format.



Sensor Type Internal NTC Thermal Resistor
Temperature Measuring Range -30 °C~+70 °C; Resolution: 0.1 °C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5 °C(-20℃~+40℃); Others, +1 ℃
Temperature Unit ℃ or ℉ Optional
Communication Interface USB Port
Record Capacity 32000 points (MAX)
Power Supply CR2032 Battery
Battery Life In normal temperature, if the record interval sets as 15 minutes, it could be used above one year.
Dimensions Approx 80 (L) x 34 (W) x 14 (H) mm
Record Interval 10s~24 Hours Adjustable
Weight Approx. 30 g
M. Guilbert 11/03/2020

Does exactly what it says! Got this little temperature data logger to check the temperatures in different rooms in my house at night as well as day. Easy to use although set up isn't very clear but can be worked out after a while. results are well presented.

KennyG 11/03/2020

I got two of these little temperature data loggers. They are doing the job very well. The information I am getting from them very useful.

Mr W. 21/02/2020

Great little temperature data logger, the software has to be downloaded, its relatively intuitive to use, you can set the record intervals for seconds to hours, perfect if you want to log temperatures over a long period, battery life seems ok, used for 5 months or so and its still showing good, and the case is IP67 so it could be left outside without worry.

Maskara Snake 20/02/2020

Very easy to use, speedy and accurate response from the suppliers technical staff.

The software has to be downloaded and performs well but has one snag; the graph autoscales and so far I haven't been able to find if this temperature data logger can be manually scaled. When I made an initial trial of logging temperature in a teperaure controlled chamber I thought the chamberwas varying due to thermostat hysterisis but on further inspection it was found to be the reading that was wobbling by 0.1deg - the resolution of the logger.

The Excel report presentation is very professional but the date-time format means that, so far, you can only create "Line" graphs (once you've defined a custom number format), successfull creation of a scatter graph has evaded me afte hours of fruitless effort.

I've bought a second unit to log indoor and outdoor temperaure differences.

Denis P. 14/01/2020

Discreet size, reliable logging and the management software works with MacOSX as well as PC. Produces very nice reports of the data. The latter can also be saved as a raw Excel file. Recommended this temperature data logger!

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Temperature sensitive products such as foods, pharmaceuticals, and some chemicals are often monitored during shipment and logistics operations. Exposure to temperatures outside of an acceptable range, for a critical time period, can degrade the product or shorten shelf life.












Climate-controlled food processing or woodworking facilities require specific temperature and humidity conditions for inventory. A data logger helps recognize trends in environmental conditions, helping to troubleshooting HVAC problems before they get worse.











When specific laboratory or room climates are required, this data logger can reliably track humidity and temperature measurements at a variety of data sampling rates. The convenient design allows you to upload raw data, graph it, and share reports quickly.










Meteorological Research

Measure, store, graph and compare meteorological data using a high-quality data logger that captures temperature and humidity. Track trends and changes in the weather using the detailed-oriented software program.

Elitech RC-5 Temperature Data Logger Multiple Use USB Temp Recorder 32000 Points High Accuracy

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