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Wireless Data Logger

Remote temp & RH monitor is a temperature and humidity measuring device of high precision. The monitor adopts a single chip microcomputer of high performance and low power consumption, so it has wide measuring range, high accuracy, and stable property. It adopts high-quality coated temperature and humidity sensors, reducing the impact of external factors, such as aging, vibration, volatile chemical gases, etc. so as to ensure its stability. With wireless communication function, the monitor can upload the collected data to exclusive cloud platform via GPRS/3G/Wi-Fi/RF network. Alarm thresholds can be set freely. With multiple alarm modes via SMS, buzzer, APP push and email, it can remind administrators to take actions in time, effectively solving the problems of cold storage temperature and humidity abuse caused by unit failure and human monitoring error, thus avoiding economic loss and security risks. With no need to wiring, the monitor is easy to install.

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