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Temperature Indicator

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Elitech TI-10 temperature indicator

Product overview: Elitech TI-10 temperature indicator is a user friendly device with push-button ..


Elitech TI-21 Temperature Indicator Temperature Tag Alert

  Product overview: Elitech TI-21 temperature indicator is a user friendly device with B..


Elitech TI-40 LCD Temperature Electronic Indicator

Product Overview: The temperature indicator is mainly used in the fields of pharmaceuticals, vacc..


Temperature Indicators are used in a variety of applications except for building and outdoor temperature measurements. Temperature indicators are particularly important in industry for accurate determination of temperature. Since modern temperature displays are based on digital electronics, temperature sensors must be used to convert temperature into electrical signals. Because physical measurement principles vary from sensor to sensor, different temperature indicators are required. Digital Temperature Indicators have been widely used in cold chain storage and transportation, pharmaceuticals, vaccine, blood, food, flowers and plants, laboratories, etc.