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 Note:This device is a sensor and cannot work as a standalone. Please:Purchase the transceiver that can support up to 12...

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This device is a sensor and cannot work as a standalone. Please:

Purchase the transceiver that can support up to 12 sensors at here.

Purchase the transceiver that can support up to 30 sensors at here.


Product Overview: 

The wireless temperature and humidity monitor system consists of multi wireless temperature and humidity sensors RCW-2100, a transceiver RCW-2000, Elitech Cloud and Mobile APP. Based on wireless communication technologies, the system can form a large network to monitor the ambient temperature and humidity in a large area with a radius of 1000 meters. The system can deploy wireless sensors at various monitoring spots, and connect to the Cloud platform via Wi-Fi network. The data logger wirelessly uploads data, which can be viewed in real time through cloud platform on a browser or an intelligent terminal. The user can also analyze temperature and humidity data, export them to PDF/Excel documents, see historical data on the Cloud.


Wireless connection deployment, no need for wiring, easy to install.

Wi-Fi communication, data transmission at 1000m unobstructed line of sight

Long standby time, no less than 12 month continuous use at 10 minutes uploading interval.

Double communication modes, free pairing between GPRS or Wi-fi transceivers to meet different requirements.

Free-to-use cloud platform and cell phone application, users only need to pay for the device. 


Technical parameters:

RCW-2100 Data Logger Specifications: 

➢ Measurement range: temperature: -30℃~65℃; Humidity: 10~100%RH

➢ Accuracy: Temperature: ±0.5℃; Humidity:±5%RH

➢ Memory Capacity: 20000 Readings

➢ Log interval: 1min~24hr

➢ Uploading Mode: LoRa

➢ Battery: Two ER14335 batteries, 12 months of continuous use at 10 minutes uploading interval

➢ Protection grade: IP65

➢ Operating frequency: 470~510 MHz ISM


Indicator light:

➢ Power indicator(Power): ON: Green LED is always on; OFF: The indicator is off.

➢ Network Indicator:

GPRS version: Green LED blinks twice every one second to indicate searching network. After network is connected, it blinks once every two seconds.

Wi-Fi version: It is always on after Wi-Fi is connected.

➢ Status indicator (Status): Green LED blinks once every one second to indicate it is in normal status. It blinks quickly continuously to indicate data is uploaded.

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