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-8% Elitech RC-55 Single-Use USB Temperature Data Logger Water proof No Need Software


Product Description:

Elitech RC-55 – single use temperature data logger has a high precision sensor with multiple alarm modes and thresholds. Their robust designs make them suitable for pharmaceuticals, food, life science, flowers, cooler boxes, refrigerated trucks, cooler bags, containers, fresh food lockers, incubators, blood bags and vaccine applications.
To enhance safety, Elitech temperature data loggers are made of food grade colloid, with injection molding technology. They conform to both the EN 12830 and IP67 protection grade.
Irrespective of the application, every single-use temperature data logger auto generates data reports, with a 32000 readings of memory capacity. All Elitech single-use temperature data loggers have a USB communication interface, allowing for easy data transfer and analysis(plug-and-play). This enhances efficiency in cold chain management.
Elitech's single-use temperature data loggers have double LED indicators, various options of running time and multiple time zone options. You can adapt them to any transportation and storage applications. They are scratch-proof, water-proof and crush-proof.
Any Elitech temperature data logger has an extended warranty even for its super long battery life (2 years). This offers a complete data logging solution.
In the setting mode, press and release the key; or no key operation within 30 seconds, it will exit from setting mode and save the parameters.
Record capacity: 32000 points (max).Actual record capacity is different due to different record period.
Start delay: when the data logger is started, it delays for a period of time to start recording. The delay time can be customized.
Log Interval: 10 seconds to 12 hours continuously set, The log interval is set according to the record period before the data logger leaves the factory.
Alarm threshold: The alarm zone can be determined according to the alarm threshold. This data logger supports three upper temperature limits and two lower temperature limits at maximum.
H3             Ultra-high temperature alarm zone 3: the value is greater than H3.
H2             Ultra-high temperature alarm zone 2: the value is greater than H2.
H1             Ultra-high temperature alarm zone 1: the value is greater than H1.
L1             Ultra-low temperature alarm zone 1: the value is less than H3.
L2             Ultra-low temperature alarm zone 2: the value is less than H3.
Single         The data logger records the single time for continuous over-temperature events.
Cumulative      The data logger records the cumulative time for all the over-temperature events.
All the parameters are reconfigured before the data logger leaves the factory. Some parameters can be customized based on your needs.
Storage temperature: -30℃~70℃   Alarm threshold Default (customize)
Temperature measuring: -30℃~70℃  
Resolution: 0.1℃
Data interface: USB2.0
Temperature accuracy: 0.5℃(-20℃~40℃ ); 1℃(others)
Report type: AI format, which can be read by Adobe Reader
Battery: Built-in CR2450 wide temperature lithium battery
Sensor: Internal NTC
Battery life: 2 years in total (store and use under normal temperature environment)
Record period: 10,30,60,90,120,180,360 days(customize)
Protection grade: IP67
Alarm type: Single or cumulative
Record capacity: 32000 points

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Elitech RC-55 Single-Use USB Temperature Data Logger Water proof No Need Software

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