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Pre-Order Elitech ETAG-1 Single-Use NFC Temperature Data Logger

Product Description: 

Elitech ETAG-1 single use NFC temperature logger provides a convenient and reliable way to access data via cloud platform. These temperature loggers come with NFC identifier already prepared. This allows for easy and fast NFC transmission. You can still access data when the power is off. No need to unpack the NFC temperature logger.


A single use NFC temperature has an easy to use data management interface. Users can access/export data via mobile app in PDF/Excel report format. This data can be shared or compared via email, allowing for efficiency and optimization of cold chain supply. Alternatively, you can upload data from Elitech single use NFC temperature logger to cloud platform. It facilitates faster online query and analysis of temperature recorded during shipping or storage.

With a 1 year battery life and a food grade plastic package, Elitech single use NFC temperature logger can be used in many applications. These may include: pharmaceuticals, food, modern agriculture, laboratories, fresh food lockers, blood bags, freezer cabinets, etc.


Main Features:

Near field reading of data via mobile phone, no need to unpack

Read data via NFC mobile phone in case indicator is power off

Export data report in PDF or Excel format via mobile APP

Compare multiple groups of data and share data report via email

Upload data to cloud platform, convenient for online query and analysis



Temperature measuring range: -25℃~60℃

Temperature accuracy: ±0.5℃

Resolution:  0.1℃

Record interval: 1~255 min

Memory capacity: 4000 points (MAX)

Display Indicator

Operating mode: single button

Alarm enabled, via LCD and indicator

Sensor internal

Data interface: Near Field Communication (NFC)

Data management software supports Android 4.0 and above, and exports reports in PDF and Excel format

Power supply: 3.0V lithium battery CR2032

Protection grade: IP67

Size 70 (L) * 50 (W) * 2.4 (H) mm

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Elitech ETAG-1 Single-Use NFC Temperature Data Logger

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